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warning: smart, Strong women ahead


If there's one theme that remains consistent through my stories, it's the presence of strong, stubborn, articulate women. I write the kind of story I want to read, about the kind of people I'd like to meet. That means a good dose of humor along with the usual ingredients, and a good population of smart women in the cast of characters.

Red Moon began as the site for a single fanfic novel based on Star Trek: Voyager. It now houses fiction ranging from short stories to epic novels, and from modern romance to science fiction. I invite you to explore the Red Moon universe, and hope you find many reasons to stay. But watch out for those women.


The new website is up and running!

See maps of Alsea and a video of the planet from space, read about the six castes and see their caste shields, check out the concept art, learn about the books and more. It's also the home of my new blog, which is centered around writing topics (both for authors and for readers). Go and explore it all at CHRONICLESOFALSEA.COM.

The Chronicles of Alsea site is where my attention is devoted now, so be sure to bookmark it. All updates and new free stories will be going there, not here. You can also keep up with my publications on my author page at Ylva Publishing.

In other news, The Caphenon was released to rave reviews, and Without A Front will be published this fall. Here are the lovely new covers...

The Caphenon book cover

THE CAPHENON: #1 in LGBT science fiction

The Caphenon, the prequel to Without A Front, came out in March and immediately hit #1 in Amazon's LGBT science fiction category. It stayed in the top 10 for two months, and has earned over 30 five-star reviews in the US store so far. It's available in paperback or ebook; check it out on Amazon or find other buy links at Ylva Publishing.

cover of Without A Front: The Producer's Challenge


The original version of Without A Front has been rewritten and divided into two volumes. This is not merely a "run it past an editor" revision but a complete rewrite, with new chapters and new characters that tie it into the universe created in The Caphenon.

The epic romance is still there, though, and better than ever.

Coming in mid-October.


cover of Without A Front: The Warrior's Challenge


Volume 2 of Without A Front picks up at the end of Lancer Tal's challenge moon on Hol-Opah, when the action has moved from the countryside into the city of Blacksun. Here, the romance begun in The Producer's Challenge grows into something unforeseen and unstoppable, while the intrigue previously set into motion rolls to its fateful conclusion.

Coming in November.


Other than occasional changes to the home page, this web site is now static. I will keep it up indefinitely as a holder for all of my Voyager fanfic, because those books were always meant to be freely available to anyone who wanted them. But it will not be updated. To see what I'm doing now, come over to the Chronicles of Alsea.

You can also find me on Twitter (@AlseaAuthor) and Facebook, or view my author page on Amazon.