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IMPORTANT NOTE: The HTML, ePUB, and Kindle files for the Past Imperfect Series are all newly edited (as of May 2012) and up to date. However, the .pdb files (for eReader software) are deprecated due to the format's declining use. They are not up to date, but are being offered for those readers whose devices still require the format.


Past Imperfect series

Past Imperfect book cover

Past Imperfect

When Captain Janeway brings the sole survivor of an alien "sampling" mission on board Voyager, she finds herself in the reluctant role of counselor. But her newest responsibility turns out to be more of a handful than she ever dreamed, challenging her to adapt to an ever-changing role while dealing with an alien race whose culture hides a secret.


Present Tension book cover

Present Tension

A routine away mission to a trading planet turns deadly when Janeway puts herself at risk to protect a former Borg. While Janeway and Lynne cope with the aftermath, Seven of Nine adapts to a newcomer — and the realization that for the first time since her own severance from the Collective, her mind is no longer silent.


Future Perfect book cover

Future Perfect

As usual, Seven of Nine knows exactly what she wants. Unfortunately Revi is not cooperating, for reasons she's keeping to herself. While Lynne settles into her new job and Janeway adjusts to a whole new relationship, the crew of Voyager find themselves one step closer to home — and beset with betrayal.


No Return book cover

No Return

The reappearance of an old enemy has devastating consequences, and this time Janeway can only watch while those she loves bear the burden. But tragedy sometimes brings unexpected gifts, and the best-laid plans of an implacable foe may bring Janeway the greatest gift of all.


Forward Motion book cover thumbnail


After seven long years, Voyager is finally home — yet Lynne is still the target of an unknown assassin. As she deals with the ongoing cost of her old decision, Kathryn adapts to life on the ground, Revi faces old demons, and Alison Necheyev finds herself swept up in events beyond her imagining.


Chronicles of Alsea
Without A Front book cover

Without A Front

Raised in the halls of power and holding the highest title in the land, Lancer Andira Tal is used to being prejudged because of her rank. When she meets a woman who sees beyond it, she finds her own lifelong assumptions brought into question — at a time when political maneuvering jeopardizes everything she holds dear.



A novella-length sequel to Without A Front, in which Lead Guard Vellmar finally enters the Games to compete against her mother. In the process she makes a split-second decision that will win or lose the championship -- and reverberate through Alsean history.

(Removed pending publication)

Short Stories  
Dana is trying to get back in shape, and finds that the old truism is wrong: you can forget how to ride a bicycle.


When Anna meets a new campus hire in her favorite coffee shop, her good deed for the day turns into much more than she expected. (This novella is now expanded, improved, and available for purchase on Amazon and Smashwords.)
Sometimes, the best gift is simply doing something you've always wanted to do—with a little support from the one you love.


A creative writing professor gets a very surprising essay from one of her students.


Into the lives of nearly every long-term couple comes that most insidious of ailments...a lack of attention. Here's how one couple deals with it.


A short journal of my experiences while riding with 1,999 other certifiably insane cyclists over mountains and valleys in a seven-day cycling event.


Couldn't help myself; I did it again. This time with friends and a new bike!


Photos galore in this one! Though I hadn't expected to go again quite so soon, when Maria unexpectedly said she wanted to go, there was no question. Her accomplishment this year is inspiring, and if you've ever thought you'd like to get yourself back in shape, but found the whole prospect too daunting, check out at least the Prologue. What Maria did, anyone can do. All it takes is consistency. (A gigantic incentive helps, too.)



COVER ART CREDITS: Past Imperfect and Present Tension covers by Maria and Witam; Future Perfect and No Return covers by Witam; Without A Front and Forward Motion covers by Maria.