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Sometimes an author's words can inspire creativity in others. I am fortunate to have two readers who shared their inspiration with me in the form of desktop images, book covers (see fiction page), and a few instances of simple creative meandering.

All of the desktops (and the planet image) on this page are by Witam—with the exception of the Kathryn and Lynne desktop, which was created by Maria and polished to a shine by Witam. Over on the fiction page, you'll find two book covers by Witam, one by Maria, and two that were a collaboration between them. The first image on this page is by Jackson Lautner.

These were labors of love, meant to be shared freely. My thanks to Maria, Witam and Jackson for spicing up my site in a way that I never could on my own.


Kathry & Lynne, tyrees

New fan art by Jackson Lautner—click the image for the full-sized version (which is gorgeous). I love the break in the word "Imperfect," and of course the location of Kathryn's hand.

thumbnail of Kathryn and Lynne


Voyager landing on a planet